image1CUMMINS Aerospace has a lineage in precision machining dating back over 50 years. We are proud to state our “TEAM” has been developed by a family of engineers who continue to pass along the science of engineering to future generations. We pride ourselves on being a single source solution meeting our customers needs for testing, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and any specialized programs or partnering opportunities.

The reputation of our quality is based on decades of precision machining experience. Our modern facility combined with state of the art technology and equipment propel our skills to a wide variety of materials such as Aluminum alloys, Copper alloys, including Beryllium Copper, Stainless Steel, High Heat-Treat/Tensile materials up to 300kpsi, 300M, Titanium, Lightweight Composites, Phenolics and Plastics.

Our organization complies with the requirements as set forth by the Arms Export Control Act (A.E.C.A.) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (I.T.A.R.) and is registered through the D.D.T.C.

We utilize statistical analysis to monitor and record all processes, procedures, operations and job functions throughout our facility. We have data, drawings and specifications for the majority of aircraft flying today including legacy data of discontinued aerospace components.